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If you are facing a family law issue including, but not limited to, divorce, custody or child support, or an estate planning issue, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to schedule your initial consultation. Protokowicz & Rodier, P.A., located in Bel Air, Md., consists of divorce and family law attorneys.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce and separation are difficult experiences for any family, even when the decision to part ways is civil. Whether you and your spouse have decided to part ways after one year or 50 years together, the need for legal representation never subsides.

Child custody & Support

Issues pertaining to children involved with a separation or divorce, such as custody, visitation and child support, are often comprised of complicated and emotional processes, even when each partner is fully cooperative. 

Wills & Estates

It is important to guarantee that your property will be handled in accordance with your wishes after your death. Having an attorney assist you in the preparation of your estate planning documents is key to ensuring that your health and property are handled as you desire.